Hi, I'm Thelma.

I used to be a big deal on FM radio in Manila when I hosted, produced, and directed weekday morning show, “Zach and Joey in the Morning,” on the now defunct 107.5 NU107.


I spent my childhood in the Pacific Northwest, my teens, 20s, and 30s in the Philippines, and my 40s in the South, y’all. My name is as American as apple pie but I'm a self-confessed Coconut. I'm white on the inside and brown on the outside. I'm mostly a Third Culture Kid because of the two continents I've lived on. English is my native language but I learned and became fluent in Filipino from living in Manila for over 25 years.

Me and my grandson

Me and my grandson


I worked many jobs as a single mom.

  • Most fun job: FM radio morning show host 
  • Favorite other name: Joey
  • Coolest job: Voiceover artist
  • Second coolest job: Dresser for Mickey Mouse in Disney Live!
  • Fanciest title: Communications manager
  • Most artistic: Professional theater actress 
  • Most interesting: SEA Games Boardsailing liaison 
  • Most exhausting: Stage manager
  • Most fulfilling: Retail specialist
  • Most glamorous: Celebrity Girl Friday
  • Most grownup: Executive assistant
  • Most popular employer: Apple


GTD disciple. Marie Kondo follower. Starbucks star collector. Productivity tool junkie. Bullet journal convert. Minimalism fan. Nine to five escapee. Occasional podcaster. Dog mom. 7 Words player. TV watcher. Movie spoiler seeker. iPhone lover. Cookie dough eater. Jesus lover. Grandma.

I might be able to help you with a project. Email me.